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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

How to support your child at home

The best way to support your child at home is through regular reading: your child to you and you to your child. However, we understand that this can be tricky. Most adults weren’t taught to read with phonics so many parents and carers aren’t familiar with how it all works. This can make things confusing for you and your child as you read and learn together at home.

You can find a copy of all of our decodable books at: Phonics Parent Portal by selecting Shared Readers Library. Our school code is: 36svyp

Here you will find a number of instructional videos to enable you to support your child with their phonics learning at home. These include letter formation, how to say the pure phonic sounds, how to blend to read and how to segment to spell. 

 Phonics Programme and Terminology: 


Pure phonics sounds:


 Letter formation: