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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Online Safety

In our ever-changing world of technology, the Internet can be a wonderful but also very scary tool. At Dunkirk, we are committed to making sure that our pupils are educated in Internet safety and this learning plays an integral part in all of our ICT lessons. However, as grownups, we don't always know the latest online trends, websites and potential dangers that could be lurking. We have compiled a selection of resources to begin to help you navigate the wide and ever-changing world of Internet safety. 

But remember, we are always here to help and offer advice where we can. If you are worried, please come and talk to a member of staff, no matter how small the concern. 


We would like to work with parents to ensure pupils use the internet safely.  These videos can be viewed with your child and is designed to help young children aged 4 - 7 to learn about keeping safe on-line.



Please use this link here and the Staying Safe Online for further information from the Nottingham Safeguarding Children Board website for an E-Safety leaflet and strategy.

The internet is fantastic for playing games, learning and watching videos but you need to use it wisely and with adult approval. 

Here are some great sites where you can play games to help you learn more about staying safe online.

Please click on the relevant tab if you would like this information inUrduPunjabi or Hindi 

If you are worried about anything upsetting that you have seen online, then please talk to an adult at home or at school. 

You can also call Childline on 0800 1111 or talk online through their website.