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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Sports Premium




Dunkirk Primary School has been receiving sports premium funding since 2013, which has been spent on employing a PE and Sport Specialist to support staff development, strengthen our curriculum provision in PE with a set scheme provision, improving our sports equipment and increasing our participation in out of school sports opportunities. Our reporting tool, Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium can be found by clicking on this link or scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

The PE leader in school has implemented a planned approach to the teaching and learning of sports skills, as well as health and well-being with our campus Well-being Ambassadors. 

The impact of this funding for our PE curriculum and sports provision has been vast and provided sustained impact: 

  • After school clubs in Dodgeball, Athletics and Basketball has been available
  • Lunchtime play and sports games ensure that physical activity takes place at all lunchtimes for Football, Cricket and Netball
  • Dunkirk has entered more competitions and tournaments since this funding has been granted. There has been huge success in different sports, including Tag Rugby, Athletics and Hockey
  • The quality of sports equipment has greatly improved with well-organised storage. This means that children have the right equipment but also learn how to take care of the equipment and treat it with respect
  • During Covid lockdown in 2020, the teaching of PE was sustained through regular online lessons, culminating in a Dunkirk Virtual Sports Day event and medal ceremony. This demonstrated that sport was valued as an integral part of the school curriculum
  • PE is being taught regularly in the curriculum with more enthusiasm and passion than ever before
  • Abbey Campus has net permanent goals / net provision 
  • Dunkirk has been celebrated by the LTA as Nottinghamshire School of the Year thanks to the commitment and dedication of our staff

Dunkirk has a long and proud tradition of playing games and sports outside in all weathers. This is linked to work alongside our Erasmus partner school in Finland and use of the sports premium funding to help create children who use the Dunkirk PRIDE values in their indoor and outdoor sports learning.