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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

A Trip to Ancient Egypt in our Autumn Term

The Nile and beyond


We have had a very busy autumn term. In our ACT theme, the children have been learning all about Ancient Egypt.

All About

We created historical timelines and explored the geographical features of the country, focussing on the importance of the River Nile. The children discovered how the Egyptians had many different gods and that they believed in an 'afterlife' in the underworld.


The children practised different ways of manipulating and shaping clay. Then they created a clay cartouche in which they inscribed their name using hieroglyphics. Having explored the ritual of mummification and the journey to the afterlife, the children got 'hands on' and tried the mummification process for themselves! Don't worry, it was only tomatoes that were mummified. It was a great way to show how mummification worked and the science behind it. In DT, we continued the mummification theme and made a pop-up mummy spring out of a sarcophagus using pneumatics - it gave a few people a fright!

Take Action

We found out that the River Nile has an incredibly important role in the development of Egypt as a country. It is said that 'No River Nile, No Egypt'. The children learnt how the river was used for transportation, farming and was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians.

The class was very disappointed to find that in modern times, this important river had become polluted in different ways, including littering. This inspired us to do something to benefit our local community. We went on a litter survey of the local area, tallying different types of litter discarded around the local area. The children decided they wanted to take action to clean up this pollution. We went out in groups, with litter pickers and bin bags and made a massive impact on the tidiness of the school environment. Even the local police dropped by to say a big thank you! Well done to everyone!