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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Year 4





                                                        Wisteria and Madrono Classes


Welcome to Year 4. We have 2 classes this year, Madrono and Wisteria. Wisteria's class teachers are Dani Barrett, who teaches on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Steve Parry (also the Deputy Head Teacher) who teaches on Thursday and Friday. Madrono's teacher is Hannah Nix who teaches all week. We have a fabulous teaching team in Year 4 - Mrs Clark provides support in English lessons and Mrs Wise provides learning support in maths. Mrs Wise also teaches art and PE for one afternoon a week alongside Mr Gough who teaches computing and PE.

Want to find out more about life in Year? Click on your class video below. 



                                                Dani Barrett    Steve Parry      Hannah Nix                             

                                                   Teaching Assistants

                                                           Julie Wise        Helen Clark