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Movie Night

Friday night is movie night, popcorn included!

Talent Competition

We are all very talented so we love it when we can show everyone what we can do. We have song writers and singers, comedians, dancers and children who like to dress up.



Role Play

One of our favourite areas is the role play area as we get to pretend to be lots of different things, from the police, to hairdressers, doctors to travel agents and even space explorers!




Playing Games

We have lots of games and puzzles in Club and we enjoy learning how to play them together.




We had some caterpillars visit us in club and we were lucky enough to watch them change into butterflies and let them go. We fed them and looked after them, and did lots of caterpillar and butterfly related crafts.



Working Together

We enjoy working together, whether that be to build something, work something out, play games, or create large art installations.




Arts and Crafts

Our favourite thing to do in Club is arts and crafts. We have some arty imaginative teachers, so we get to learn lots of new skills and enjoy ourselves creating our very own masterpieces. 




Our Forest School Style Garden

We are so excited that we have started to create out Forest School style garden. We have a bug hotel that the children designed  and created themselves, drainpipe crazy golf and planting. We are looking forward to expanding when we start our nature enrichment lessons.




Our kids love to bake (and eat!) lots of goodies, from milk shakes to chocolate crispies, we love it!