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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Standards & Progress

The school’s main aim is to continue to raise standards and ensure all pupils achieve their best. The school is committed to improving the quality of learning and teaching.

We always track the progress of our children very carefully. This ensures that we know who is making progress, who needs extending with their learning and if any children need additional support.  Teachers are continually observing and recording children’s progress and we have regular meetings to discuss children’s attainment and progress. In addition, we have in-school and national tests to measure how well our children have achieved. We use the outcomes of all these different types of ‘assessment’ to plan each child’s next stage in learning.

We also encourage our children to self-assess and work with a partner to peer assess. This is so that our children have ownership of their learning journey and know what their targets are and how they can achieve them.

To access the school’s performance tables, please go to Please enter the school’s postcode “NG7 2LE” click “search” tick/select “Dunkirk Primary and Nursery School,” or follow this link.

Our latest attainment summary is shown below:-

Please note these is our latest published attainment summary and not for the current  year due to Covid  19 restrictions.



  • Effective delivery of a global and international curriculum which is supported by unique, flourishing and highly innovative links with The Lahore Lyceum in Pakistan and 2 schools in Europe under a new linking opportunity called Comenius. Our link schools are in Finland and Spain. 
  • Inclusion is embedded in the school’s ethos and practice and the school is fully adapted for disabled children.  Children from ethnic minorities, particularly EAL children, make consistently outstanding progress and receive in-class support, with all staff highly trained in the use of appropriate strategies.  Provision and progress of SEN children is excellent.
  • Provision in the range of and achievement in sporting activities is considerable, especially given the small size of the school.