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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School


We believe in a practical, investigative approach to maths where children work at their own level.  Every class has daily numeracy in accordance with the Primary Framework.

We use a range of maths schemes and resources to develop children’s mathematical concepts.  Calculators and computer   based technology also support our teaching.

The school has been part of a national research project organised by the National Centre for Excellence in Maths Teaching.  This involves  in-depth analysis of the ways in which children learn mathematical concepts and skills with an emphasis on interactive teaching and developing problem-solving skills.  As a result of this study, we have integrated the teaching styles and resources into our mathematics teaching and use of the Primary Framework.

We use the White Rose maths scheme to develop our children's practical, visual and conceptual understanding of maths. We place a strong emphasis on developing arithmetic, problem-solving and reasoning skills