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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Madrono's Blog

This was the exciting sight that Madrono Class walked into after lunchtime today.

A whole classroom full of stringed instruments!

There were violins, violas and Cellos.

Have a listen to the first ever rehearsal of The Madrono string Orchestra.




This week we have been making things!

Miss Nix set us a challenge.She gave us spaghetti and marshmallows and asked us to make the tallest tower we could out of them. We had fun because the marshmallows were so sticky and the spaghetti kept breaking.

Have a look at our messy, sticky towers.

 By Divine



During our science lesson we made telephones out of plastic cups and string so that we could feel as well as hear the sound  travelling down the string as vibrations whilst we spoke to each other.  

For once we could have phones at school!

Rotten Roman Shields

This week we have been making Roman army shields. We painted them red and golden yellow and then designed handles for the back of them.

The red colour was for the Roman god Mars and the yellow lightning bolts were for the Roman god Zeus.

We have been practising marching like Roman soldiers. Dex,Sin,Dex,Sin,Dex,Sin,Dex,Sin (Latin for left and right).

We also copied two Roman army formations called The Wedge and The Tortoise. The Tortoise was better, in our opinion, because we could march easier. We found it was really hard to stay in shape during the Wedge.

If you want to see our masterpieces then have a look at our shiny shields and fantastic formations below.

Florence and Zuzanna