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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Kindness Boomerang Film Project

Kindness Boomerang film project

Rastaala School, Finland and The Lahore Lyceum, Pakistan are collaborating with us on our Acts of Kindness work. We have made kindness films for each other inspired by the idea of a 'kindness boomerang'.  The original film was made by an orginisation called Lifevest in America, we loved the film so much, we were inspired to create our own films! We have looked at the the idea of kindness going on a journey, passing from one person to another....and returning to the person who started the kindness.

Below you can see the kindness films made by the students at Dunkirk Primary, Rastaala School and The Lahore Lyceum. (Our link schools)

The films were planned, created, filmed and acted by the pupils themselves.