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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School


Erasmus + 2017 -2019 KA2

To see all our work with Finland go to our dedicated site here Small Action Big Change. 

To see a selection click on this Erasmus Gallery link.

Dunkirk has managed to secure more funding from the European Commission to continue the link with Rastaala School in Finland. The project is called Erasmus+.

The overarching question that Dunkirk Primary School, Nottingham, UK and Rastaala School, Espoo, Finland will explore over the next 24 months is:

‘How do we create communities that are spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy?’

Both schools have identified the need to further develop PSHE within their learning communities. In order for pupils to be effective and successful European and global citizens they need to feel safe, happy, supported and valued.

The purpose of this Erasmus+ KA2 project is to devlop a Scheme of Work for PSHE that incorporates Acts of Kindness as a main strand across all year groups.

Teachers will collaborate across the two schools and devise and trial activities linked to Acts of Kindness and PSHE. The successful activities will be collated at the end of the project and then shared and implemented across both schools in every class.

The theme for the first year is 'Change' and the second year will be 'Action'

We are using the texts below to start our investigations and discussions about the theme of Change.

Image result for the dragon's childImage result for little worms big questionImage result for most magnificent thing

Image result for Ish