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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School


We place a strong emphasis on your child’s development of language.  Children are encouraged to develop early confidence in speaking and listening as well as speak with clarity and confidence, listen to and respect the opinions of everyone and feel confident that their own ideas and views are equally listened to and respected.

We use the National Curriculum as a basis for our planning and then adapt it to meet the needs and interests of our pupils throughout school.  We teach reading using a range of self-produced materials as well as set schemes and carefully selected published teaching resources. Children can choose their own books at a particular level and we encourage all parents and carers to become involved in reading with and to their children.  We strongly recommend daily reading practice at home for all children.  Early teaching of phonics is central to children learning to read and write.  From Foundation Stage to Year Three children receive a daily synthetic phonics session and children who haven’t acquired these skills by the end of year Two can receive additional literacy support.  

Information on how we teach phonics can be found on the tab to your left. 

Our approach to writing is a developmental one, which is individual and child centred.  We aim to teach our children to become confident, independent writers with early emphasis on developing imagination and putting ideas on paper.  A strong emphasis is placed on teaching sentence level skills, with a clear focus on grammar and punctuation, then applying these in a context that interests and motivates children.

First-hand practical experiences, drama strategies and “talk for writing” help to focus the children’s ideas before they are expected to put pen to paper.  Information technology and use of our computer suite are integral to supporting the range of work in Literacy.

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