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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

ECO Club

Welcome to Dunkirk Eco Club

Eco Club -A Project to learn more about energy and share with school.

When time allows, a dedicated bunch of children have discussed what they would like to do more of in Eco Club Meetings. There is a lot of interest in electricity so we have planned a long term project to generate some of our own through mini turbines, solar and water (Hydro). We share with the rest of school in assemblies but will post some results here as we go on...

Energy Awareness.

Very pleased to be invited to attend a meeting in the Town Hall as one of the most successful schools to SAVE ENERGY. This was the result of a year long SCORE project of which we were a pilot school. We are happy to say that as a result of careful monitoring by the children and staff, we have saved the equivalent energy consumed by two domestic properties. That's a lot of CO2 AND money saved. Now we must keep it up AND we would like to improve further.

The Eco Club are currently working towards earning a Green Flag award from the Eco Schools programme. At present Dunkirk Primary has a silver award. This is what we had to do to gain it. Silver criteria

  1. The school has identified an Action Team which has met on at least four occasions. The Action Team includes a parent and/or governor representative.
  2. The Action Team has completed a formal Environmental Review and has recorded the results.
  3. The Action Team has produced a detailed Action Plan (including timescales and targets) and shared the plan with the rest of the school community.
  4. The Action Team can demonstrate progress towards achieving at least two elements of the Action Plan.
  5. The school can identify progress towards one large-scale project and indicate involvement with two others. ‘Identify progress’ means that the school has an understanding of the project topic and recognises its importance to sustainable development within the school environment and the wider community.
  6. The school has a prominent, designated noticeboard, web pages or newsletter which details Eco-Schools activities.
  7. The school has informed parents and the wider community about the work being undertaken by the school in relation to Eco-Schools.
  8. The school can indicate that some environmental issues have been covered within curriculum work in most year groups.
  9. The school has agreed, adopted and displayed an ‘Eco-Code’.

The following film shows some of the work ECO Club gets involved in and the kind of issues we take on board.