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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School


Dunkirk Curriculum Statement

Dunkirk is a creative school which embraces innovative and exciting approaches to teaching and learning. This involves flexible, spontaneous, risk taking approaches which enable a range of providers to work collaboratively. At Dunkirk we follow the National Curriculum as part of our whole school holistic and skills based approach to teaching and learning.

For more information about the National Curriculum click here

A parents guide to the National Curriculum can be found here.


What Will My Child Be Doing At School?

Our aim is to make learning as meaningful, relevant and fun as possible.  Teachers are aware of recent research into the way children learn and plan their work to meet the needs and learning styles of the children.

The way we organise our curriculum ensures children have regular opportunities to question, problem solve, work as a team and therefore take some ownership of their own learning.  Our curriculum aims to embed global, anti-racist and international dimensions whenever possible with a key priority to develop every child as a global citizen through innovative approaches to curriculum delivery.  This includes pupils, staff and artists engaging in creative dialogues with our international link schools in Pakistan and Spain.  This work gives real purpose and motivation for children to read and write with many core and life skills covered in an interesting and enjoyable way.

We aim for high standards of achievement throughout our delivery of the National Curriculum.  This includes the five core subjects of English, Maths, Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Religious Education (RE), plus the foundation subjects of History, Geography, Technology, Music, Art and Physical Education.  The school also teaches personal, social, health and citizenship education and Spanish to all pupils.   There is a strong emphasis on developing children’s creativity through the Creative Arts subjects and also by teaching other subjects creatively.  We have developed a whole school curriculum framework which enables us to teach all subjects within the time allocated.  Teachers jointly plan their schemes of work based on the National Curriculum.

Some subjects are taught separately, with links made between areas of the curriculum wherever possible, so that one or more study units (topics) are taught in a term.  We fully utilise the expertise of all our staff and regularly use external providers and a range of creative practitioners to ensure the best provision for our children.

Children’s progress is regularly assessed and tracked by class teachers and the Senior Leadership Team and we will keep you regularly informed of your child`s progress.

A wide range of extended learning activities and study support takes place outside normal school hours and these will change according to interest and time of year.  We are always keen to hear any ideas you may have or welcome any volunteers to help or run after-school or lunchtime sessions.