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Our Dunkirk curriculum includes all the subjects in the National Curriculum as well as relationships, sex and health education and religious education. The National Curriculum is a set of subjects and standards used by primary schools so that children learn the same things. It covers the subjects that are taught and the standards pupils should reach. We teach the National Curriculum using our whole school curriculum driver, ACT. Please use the tabs on the left to learn more about each subject.

Each Year group follows a carefully planned timetable ensuring full coverage of the whole curriculum. For more information about your child's, timetable, please look at their year group page. We make sure that each pupil has access to a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing them to find their passion in life! By learning about the best our world has to offer, pupils are inspired to achieve and become the best they can be!
At Dunkirk, we firmly believe in a research based ethos to our practice. We believe that keeping up to date with the current research and evidence ensures that we are providing the best education for ALL of our pupils. Our recent focus has been on utilising research into the cognitive science of learning in our teaching practices. Follow the tab on the left to see how this works in practise.


Your child will be officially assessed at the following points:- Reception baseline assessment- End of EYFS - KS1 Phonics- End of KS1 SATS - Year 4 multiplication check- End of KS2 SATS
Alongside these data points, your child's teacher will utilise a range of assessment data including:

  • Ongoing assessment during all lessons - this ensures that your child receives feedback at the point of learning, supporting them in making the best progress possible. - Flashback activities - ensuring that your child knows more and remembers more across all of the subjects taught. - Half-termly phonics / reading assessments in KS1
  • staff will have a strong understanding of your child's reading ability ensuring that any reading material is pitched at the correct level of challenge for your child. - Termly assessment - producing an accurate assessment level for your child, ensuring that progress is being made.

Useful websites

Please click here to access the National Curriculum.

Please click here to access the Birth to 5 matters publication for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Click here to visit The Department of Education website for more information about the National Curriculum

Another interesting link for parents is the Gov Direct website which also gives information about the National Curriculum.