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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Class and Curriculum Information

Welcome to our 'Class and Curriculum Information' page. Here you will find important information, routines and curriculum information for Olive Class.

Our wonderful year 1 environment! 


Please see below some important information about Olive Class this year. 



-You do not need to bring a kit at the moment but please ensure your child has sensible shoes.

-Please tie all hair back and remove jewellery before the start of the day.






We have been looking at the story of 'Moon Rabbit' by Natalie Russell.

Autumn 1: 

We have been writing our own simple narratives linked to the story of 'Moon Rabbit'. 

Autumn 2:

We will be writing our own animal fact files.



Autumn 1:

Numbers 1- 10

-Counting forwards and backwards to 10. 

-Finding one more/ one less than a given number. 

- Comparing groups of objects/ numbers.

-Greater than and less than symbols > and <


Part whole within 10 

-Using a part whole model . 

-Writing number sentences.

-Finding different ways to make a number. 

-Making number bonds. 


Autumn 2 

- We will be moving onto addition and subtraction after half term.