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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

April Fool's Day

Today is the 1st April, which makes it April Fool's Day - a day for playing tricks and telling jokes. This is especially important at the moment so Madrono class had a challenge - to tell me as many jokes as they could today. I started them off with...

What do elephants wear to go swimming?


Let's see what you have come up with. 


What do cats eat for breakfast?

Mice crispies!


Why do giraffes have long necks?

Because they're always looking for trouble!


And a riddle from Mohammed...

I can fly but i have no wings. I can cry but i have no eyes. Wherever I go, darkness follows me. What am I?

A cloud!


Want more? Check out the April Fool's Day photo album in the gallery to find THIRTY SIX jokes from our very own class comedian!