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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School


Admissions places to Dunkirk Primary are managed by the Nottingham City (Local Authority) Admissions Department.  At this stage of the process parents and carers are applying for a place at Dunkirk Primary & Nursery School and not for a specific campus.

Once the Local Authority has allocated school places and parents have been informed, the Head Teacher and Governors will meet to decide campus allocations.  Pupils who have gained a place at Dunkirk Primary & Nursery School could be offered a place at either the Highfields campus (Marlborough Street) or the Abbey campus (Lenton Boulevard). 

The attached policy provides further information on how Nottingham City Admissions Department will allocate places and the criteria the Head Teacher and Governors will use to determine allocation to either Highfields Campus or Abbey Campus. 


Please follow this link for the Nottingham City Admission Scheme 2018-19 .

Abbey and Highfields campus location

Dunkirk Primary Admission Arrangement

The Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception Year)

The school has a three foundation class which is called Fig, Willow and apple classes.  There are two groups within Willow: the younger nursery children who are three and four year olds and attend part time; the older four and five year olds who attend full time and are in their reception year (YR).  

Children are accepted into Fig class soon after their third birthday and are offered either a morning or afternoon place.  We provide an extended entitlement of a three hour session for all three and four year olds.    

For nursery children entering Fig class, a meeting with parents and carers is planned and children can make several visits to prepare them for starting their part time nursery placement.  A copy of our Fig admissions criteria is available in school.

Statutory School Place (Reception Year)

Children wear school uniform, which is compulsory for reception children and older.  

Attending Willow and Apple class when a child is aged three or four does not guarantee a statutory school place at age five.  All parents and carers must apply for a school place through the Nottingham City Council co-ordinated application and admission process to request a place at the school they would like to attend, even if it is Dunkirk School.  

An application form, guide to admissions and individual advice on the admissions process will be sent to parents and carers in the school year before the child reaches the age of five.  Please ask if you are unsure as we can provide support if required.  

Children are admitted to full time education at the beginning of the academic year (September) in which they are five.  They continue to be taught in Willow Class for their reception year so they can fully access the appropriate curriculum for their age and stage of learning.  

A meeting for carers is held to explain the changes from nursery to reception.  Parents do have the option of deferring their child’s entry until the beginning of the term after the child’s fifth birthday.
For further information on the admission arrangements for all schools in Nottingham City, please go to