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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

RE Immersion Days

For two days our whole school studied the major religions of the world. We looked at the teachings of each religion and thought about the different communities we all live in.

During the first day we learned how and where different communities worshipped. Each class created a model to represent a community suited to that faith. We then built a wall around our models to protect them from the outside world.

At the end of the first day,during assembly, members from each class presented and argued why the values of 'their' religion could be considered the best to live by. 

The children were then given this question to go home, ponder and discuss.

"Should communities compete?"

The next morning during another assembly we debated the issues raised by that question. These included respect, tolerance, understanding and equality.

We decided to tear down the walls surrounding our neighbourhoods and open them up. After further discussions in class about what makes a community more facilities were added to each model to make a community that serves the needs of all its members.  These included meeting places, shops, restaurants, polling stations, parks, roads and in one case a power station!

Each class was then invited to bring their new model to the hall and add it to a new, bigger community that met the needs of the many and diverse beliefs, cultures and interests of the people represented there.

Below are some videos to show you some of the things we learned and how we learned them.





















        More to follow...