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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

There is always something to do in the Discovery Garden.

The Discovery garden is always a source of interest and fscination for all the children. However it also needs up-keep and maintenance so the children help to prepare the raised beds, check pipes and connections on the water harvesting, dig over the compost, weave the willow structures, cut fresh den building sticks... The list is endless.

In the gallery you will see photos of the children in Autumn. There is less watering and few vegetables to tend but there are loads to do. An important aspect of children's  learning is making safe decisions with tools for digging or saws for preparing den building materials. You will see how safe the children were and how much they enjoyed this work.

You will also see how much science goes on. Using magnifiers and identification charts to se what is living and how this changes through the seasons.