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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Wednesday 26th March

Hi Maple class!

I hope you have been enjoying this sunny weather by spending time in your garden or going out for walks with your family. Thank you again for sending me your work over the past couple of days.

Please keep sending me bits - I will add another post tomorrow afternoon.

Here is your work for today:

Maths - Converting between mm and cm

This is a choose your challenge worksheet. This means that the children do not have to answer every single question on the sheet. What I ask them to do is to start with a green question. If they find this easy then they move straight on to the orange questions. Again, they do the first and if it is too easy they move on to the red. Children need to reflect on the work they have done - if they have found a question challenging or want to practise to embed their skills, they can do some more of that colour band. I would expect a child to do a minimum of 10 questions of maths today. I have attached a photo with some help for converting between mm and cm.

Challenge - Can you measure some objects around your house? Is it more appropriate to use cm or mm? can you convert between the two?


English - Fronted adverbials

This is a 2 sided sheet, one side titled "How did it happen?" and the other "Missing Commas".

Fronted adverbials modify or add more detail to the verb in the sentence. At school we have practised using fronted adverbials of time (Early in the morning,), place (At the top of the mountain,) and manner (Slowly,). They always come at the start of a sentence and are followed by a comma. When adding a fronted adverbial to the start of a sentence, read it back to yourself to check that it makes sense!

Challenge - Use a fronted adverbial in today's diary entry.


Have a great day, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Miss Usherwood