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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Spring Challenge in the Out-door Classroom

Maple class are given a Spring challenge on the Discovery Garden

After three days of nearly constant rain the children of Maple class buzz with excitement as they are given a team challenge out on a beautiful spring day. 

Mrs Banister and Mr Woodings are to film small groups and then judge their communication skills and how well they work together to solve a problem. Hot Dog, our special 'cuddly' has to be supported off the ground to keep him clean and dry with only six 30cm sticks and a metre of string.

Well all the ideas came together and all the children had a brilliant time. They learnt some new knots, some new words and how to build a strong structure.

It was a tough decision but the Gallery shows all the great competitors and the results of their great communication. McKenzie and Lucas took first place because their communication and concentration never wavered through-out the whole session. Best team work was the group with Sienna, Monzer, Claire and recent new arrival Tan May.

well done every one. Take a look at the gallery.