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Maple News

Dear parents/carers

Welcome to Maple class. My name is Miss Taylor and I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead, working with your child!

This year I am the class teacher and I shall be teaching in Maple every day.
Mr. Woodings will be in Maple class every Tuesday afternoon, where he will be taking the class to the Discovery Garden and delivering ‘Forest School’ learning. He will also be working with the class in the ICT suite. Mrs. Bannister and Mrs. Clarke will both be supporting in class, as well as delivering intervention work and group sessions throughout the day.

At Dunkirk Primary School there is an expectation that your child reads every night please and that their reading diary is written in each day to evidence this. Your child should also complete the activities within their reading diary. These will be checked and signed by myself weekly. Please leave any messages about reading in the diary. Homework goes out on a Friday, to be returned on a Wednesday.

P.E kits are to be in school all of the time please and only taken home at the end of each term to be washed. Maple class are also swimming this autumn term and so need to bring a swimming kit every Tuesday, until we break up for holiday in December.

As your child is used to having milk and a piece of fruit at snack time (which is something that happens in Foundation and KS1), I feel that they would still greatly benefit from having a piece of fruit at morning break. If you wish to provide your child with a piece of fruit that is super. If not, they can bring 20p in each day and can buy fruit out on the playground. We are a healthy school and ask for packed lunches to please be as healthy as possible (Try to avoid chocolate bars and crisps!)

Can you please ensure that all clothing has your child’s name in. Your child is much less likely to lose their uniform if it is named, as it can be returned straight to them! Thank you!

Thank you for your on-going support. If you have any questions do not hesitate to come and see me after school.

Many thanks,

Miss. Taylor

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  • Animal classification

    Published 27/05/17

    This week is invertebrate week.

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  • How to Train Your Dragon.

    Published 01/05/17

    Maple Class take on a new challenge. How to handle a dragon. A Bearded Dragon.

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  • Small bird found to fly 10,000Km!

    Published 27/03/17

    Look out for a small bird this Spring called a swallow. It may have travelled 10,000 Km from South Africa!

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  • Spring Challenge in the Out-door Classroom

    Published 09/03/17

    Maple class are given a Spring challenge on the Discovery Garden

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  • Maple class links with Finland

    Published 23/02/17

    Year 3 children enjoy Global Links

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  • There is always something to do in the Discovery Garden.

    Published 03/01/17

    The Discovery garden is always a source of interest and fscination for all the children. However it also needs up-keep and maintenance so the children help to prepare the raised beds, check pipes and connections on the water harvesting, dig over the compost, weave the willow structures, cut fresh den building sticks... The list is endless.

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  • Maple Class receive award from 'Food for Life'

    Published 03/01/17

    Dunkirk Primary School has been involved in a project with an organisation called Food for Life.

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  • 'My True Selfie'

    Published 29/11/16

    Anti- Bullying Week
    'My True Selfie!'

    Last week, Dunkirk Primary School participated in Anti-Bullying Week. Each class spent time creating individual and personal 'true selfies'. They wrote about their likes/dislikes, personal interests and shared information about what makes them unique. 'My True Selfie' encourages the celebration of our differences and the acceptance of others.

    Click the link here to see Maple classes 'True Selfie's'.


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