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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Rowan Class take on a team challenge

Given only six sticks, a metre of string and their resourcefulness, Rowan class had to organise themselves into groups of three and work together to build a structure. This structure had to support a dog,(a toy one of course). The cold winter weather will NOT STOP ROWAN CLASS

All the children were excited and rose to the challenge instantly. It was fascinating to see the different approaches to tackling the challenge. It was a fair test. Everything was the same. All the sticks were 30cm long. Same string. Same dog. But VERY different groups. Some groups began impressively with a very scientific approach discussing their ideas. Obi's team were superb in discussing and trying out ideas. They even used the dog for a  pre-test on their structures.

luqman can definitely said to be one of the most helpful class members, even finding time to help other teams!

Every one behaved brilliantly and the team work in proved throughout the session as we stopped to share ideas and praise 'best team work'. However if there had to be a winner we would have to conclude that the group pictured here were very thoughtful careful and even helped to thoroughly tidy up!

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