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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

New News Story

Rowan Class at the 'cutting edge'!

The Challenge-Measuring Accurately. Cutting Safely. Working together. Which team will rise to the challenge and achieve the highest score whilst preparing 30cm sticks to be used for model making. Each table group has a possible 6 points given for the way they work together-cooperation. Another possible 6 points were on offer for all members using the tools safely and carefully. Finally the test of accuracy was judged by comparing each groups sticks. They SHOULD be all identical lengths and that is 30cm (Not just the length of the ruler!

Best cooperation award goes to-Honoka, Daria and Rebecca. SUPERB ATTITUDE.

Most accurate award was taken by Alin, Mati, Tim and Obi. Well done.

Safety with tools award was won by Luqman. Saayila, Lexie and Sulayman.

Check out the wonderful and careful use of saws, sticks and peelers in our Gallery...