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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

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  • New News Story

    Published 26/03/18

    Rowan Class at the 'cutting edge'!

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  • You will never be lost with Rowan Class.

    Published 16/03/18

    Map making with Rowan class

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  • What is an invertebrate?

    Published 05/03/18

    It is important to know about the things we find outside. Here the children take their classroom learning outside and hunt for minibeasts and even create their own.

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  • Rowan Class take on a team challenge

    Published 20/02/17

    Given only six sticks, a metre of string and their resourcefulness, Rowan class had to organise themselves into groups of three and work together to build a structure. This structure had to support a dog,(a toy one of course). The cold winter weather will NOT STOP ROWAN CLASS

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  • Language Day

    Published 23/11/16

    5 languages in one day!

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