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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School


Day 21 and here they are-Hatching at last!

As the children of Redwood lined up today, there was only one question on all their lips- Have the eggs hatched?

The answer is YES! Two chicks already and more on the way. The 'candling' showed how quickly the chicks  developed inside the shell but WOW, just look at how fast they are developing now.

The life cycle work shows how much scientific knowledge the children have gained but that isn't all. They are learning so much about caring for the needs of a living creature. They are producing a film to chart the process from egg to chicken. Watch this space. Until then just take a look at an enthusiastic bunch of scientists in the gallery. These chicks are strong yet sensitive and lucky. They are destined to have a free range life on a 'small holding'. Cockerels AND hens. Ask the teacher if you are interested but rest assured the children will get to see them periodically growing up over the next few years.