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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Our first visit to the park!

What a lovely and sensible class we have!

Wow Apple Class! We were super proud of you today!

Dunkirk always prides itself in our outdoor learning. In Apple class we are always striving to teach the children to the curriculum as well as teaching them life skills. Our visits out in the local environment are key to giving our children an enriched learning experience.

On our first visit we talked through how to keep each other safe when walking on the paths near roads. We each had a partner and it was our job to keep our partner safe by always holding their hands.  We always walked right next to the wall or fence to keep ourselves and our partner away from the road.

Next, we looked at how we crossed the road. This is a very slow process to begin with as we spend time with each partner looking both ways and talking through what we can see. Once the two children and adult agree that it is safe to cross, they walk carefully across the road.

Once we got to the park we had lots of fun! Playing in a new environment creates even more learning opportunities. We have to remember that we take turns and share the equipment. We have to remember to use our voices and talk to each other to communicate we would like the next go. We have to try out new physical skills such as balancing and climbing... the list is endless.

We were, as lawyers, super proud of our children. They kept themselves and their partners safe by listening and following rules perfectly.

We will be hopefully exploring our local environment even more in the new year. Please look on our gallery for our photos!