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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Anti-bullying week

'You can feel just as happy giving compliments as you do hearing them'

Apple class have had a brilliant week boosting each others confidence and happiness!

As part of our anti-bullying week we have talked lots about how we can make each other feel happy and confident.

For one of our tasks, we pulled a photo of our peer out of a box and we thought about all the nice things we could say about them. Once we had all our ideas, we called our friend over and told them all the compliments we had thought of. This made our friend feel really happy but it also made us feel really happy! We took pictures of the children doing this which then created the backdrop for our #trueselfies.

We then created our brilliant t shirts but using special paint. This time we thought about ourselves and what we really liked doing. Please look on our gallery for all our pictures!