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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Happy half days!

Apple class have made a brilliant start to their first school year!

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know your child this first week at school. Each child has worked hard on sitting and listening, following the Dunkirk rules and most of all, making friends with their peers. When a child feels happy and safe they are ready to learn.

We have begun work on our 'all about me topic'. The children have drawn some fabulous self-portraits which can be seen on our 'Gallery'. 

Starting next week our 'all about me box' will begin. Each week a different child will take the box home on a Friday. Over the weekend, your child can think about different things they would like to put in the box to share with the class on Monday. It could be photographs of your family, a flag from your home country, special clothes you wear to special events from your religion, your favourite toy… the list is endless. These items will stay in school for that week (on a high shelf) to celebrate your child. This is a fabulous way to get to know more about each child as well as them using their communication and language skills to share their items with the class. We will start the box with Miss Amanda and I bringing items in to model how the box works. We look forward to seeing what each of you bring in!