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Attendance Matters

Emily Bennett recently won an award for outstanding attendance. She went to the Council House and was given the award by the Lord Mayor.
She tells her story below.

Attendance award’s

I was lucky enough to go to the council house for the attendance awards because, since year 1 my attendance has been over 98%. After school Miss Hollis picked me up from madrono class and took me to the attendance ceremony, where we queued for a couple of minutes before we entered the room where there were many different tables. We sat at a table next to the window; on the tables there were bowls of fruit and biscuits. After a few minutes a man came up to the front and gave out some of the awards. After he had finished we all started to leave but my award had not been given out yet so I went into another room with all the other children who also had over 98% attendance and met the lord mayor, who gave me a prize and a certificate. Also I had a photo with lord mayor and then Miss Hollis took me home in her car.
I was really happy to go and represent my school.