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Languages Day

Languages Day 2018

It was Languages Day at Dunkirk on Monday 15th January. We invited parents and carers to come in and share their home languages and lots of the children also taught the languages they speak to the rest of the class.

Some of the languages we learnt include; Urdu, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, German, Spanish, Malay, Igbo and Hungarian.

The children were really enthusiastic…

“It was really nice that my mum came in because even I didn’t know my language that well so mum taught me as well as the whole class.” Claire


“I like learning different languages!” Jumana


“When you visit other countries it’s important that you try and speak their language,” Finley


“I did an Act of Kindness and tried to speak to a new child in their own language,” Aroush


Each class did a range of activities to celebrate the different cultures and languages they speak. Some examples include: Oak class learning Spanish words to help them to perform a Salsa dance; Wisteria class splitting into groups to teach their home languages through songs, games and quizzes; Cedar class composing and performing a song in different languages and Olive class learning and colouring in different languages with the help of parents. Apple class were even lucky enough to have some home-made Hungarian biscuits!

Every class shared a new language. We were really pleased with the children’s enthusiasm and it was great to welcome so many parents in to school to help out.


A big thank you to all those who took part!