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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Why Are Trees Precious?

The new year sees the start of a new Big Question which will drive our Comenius Project, Small Action Big Change this year.

There is now a dedicated website being used by all for schools in the Comenius Project

All four schools; Dunkirk, Voksen in Norway, Rastaala in Finland and Il Circolo Didattico of Ciampino in Rome will all work on this question in their schools. Joint planning and projects will happen over the year and there will be a number of teacher exchange visits this year.

Preparations and planning is underway for 6 of our year 5/6 pupils to attend a Pupil Camp in Finland in February 2014. Pupils from all 4 schools will attend and work on the Big Question. The weather in Helsinki in February should be VERY cold!

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