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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Our Visit to Pakistan -  2009

In February 2009, Mrs Alford, Mrs Qureshi, Mr Woodings and Ms Parmjit visited The Lahore Lyceum. The ECO Club worked with Mr Woodings on finding out how to generate energy. They experimented with batteries, bulbs and turbines and then moved on to replacing the batteries with mini solar panels. The ECO Club at Dunkirk conducted the same experiments. Ofcourse...there was more sun in Pakistan. Dunkirk ECO Club need to consider alternative energy sources such as wind and rain. Ms Parmjit opened the Box of Possibilities with the children. Inside there was a question...'If you were a world leader what is the one change you would make?' The children talked about pollution, poverty, bombings and health care. Dunkirk responses talked alot about the welfare of animals....Maple Class went on to develop a Pet Rescue Centre, which they ran for a whole term. A film using both schools reponses was made.
Click below to see the joint film.



As a National School of Creativity, Dunkirk was involved in showcasing some of it's work at a national level. An exhibition was held at the South Bank in London of the different work School's of Creativity had done. A film was made at Dunkirk by a group of children from two schools in Telford and Wolverhampton showcasing our World Leader project. This film was shown at the exhibition through the summer 2011.This group of children went around a number of different School's of Creativity to find out what they do. Click here to visit the SOCit website where you can find Dunkirk on the map and see the work

The Lahore Lyceum visits Dunkirk, 2009

Miss Adeela and Miss Nilom accompany the Eco Club to Trinity Farm. We looked at what was growing in December and how the farm made sure everything they grew was organic.
Miss Adeela and Ms Nilom brought a presentation of what was growing on a farm in Pakistan now and then they cooked some yummy food with those ingredients for us to try.
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