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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: Maths - Arithmetic & Friday Challenge, 3/7/20

Summer 2: Maths - Arithmetic and Friday Challenge, 3/7/20

Instructions for Arithmetic and Friday Challenge, 3/7/20

Warm-up: Arithmetic Test 8

* Open up the attachment called 'Y6_Core_Arithmetic_Test_8';

* Give yourself between 10-20 seconds to answer each question (you may need longer on the questions towards the end of the paper);

* Mark your work - the answers are at the end.

Main Lesson: Friday Challenge

Remember, challenges 1-6 are for key stage two age-groups; whereas challenges 7 and 8 are appropriate for key stage three (secondary school age).

Let's do it...


Now have a look at the answers below. Let me know how you got on!