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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: English - Adventure, Lesson 14, 2/7/20

Summer 2: English - Writing, Adventure Story, Lesson 14, 2/7/20 - Edit and Improve

Summer 2: English - Lesson 14, Edit and Improve

We are coming to the end of our adventure story unit of work. This week, we have:

* Planned our adventure stories AND

* Drafted our adventure stories.

Today, we will edit and improve our drafts - so get your blue review hats on and let's focus on the following:

Spellings - Do they look right? Check in a dictionary.

Punctuation - Full stops; commas; semi colons; dashes.

Speech punctuation - Open inverted comma, punctuation mark, closed inverted comma.

Word choice - Use of synonyms and modifiers like adjectives to expand nouns.

Have you included the grammatical features from Mrs Parry's workshop videos:

Adverbs and adverbials

Relative clauses

Figurative language

Go ahead and blue review to improve your draft adventure story.

On 3/7/20 - you will write or type up your final version.