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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: Adventure Story, Lesson 13, 1/7/20

Summer 2: English - Writing - Adventure Story, Lesson 13, 1/7/20 - Drafting part two of your adventure story

Instructions for Lesson 13, 1/7/20

In today's lesson, Miss Stray guides you through the second half of your draft adventure story. Again, you will need your plan and yesterday's draft of the first half. Spend some time reading through what you have written - you might want to 'blue review'.

Remember, these features are really important in an adventure story:

 Spellings
 Punctuation
 Speech punctuation
 Word choice
 Have you included the grammatical features:
 adverbs and adverbials
 relative clauses
 figurative language