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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: Maths - Introducing Ratio, 29/6/20

Summer 2: Maths, Lesson 1, Week 10, Introducing the Ratio Symbol, 29/6/20

Instructions for Lesson 1, Week 10 - Introducing the Ratio Symbol

Warm up: Times Tables Rock Stars (or you might want to end the lesson with this - it's up to you)

Main Lesson: Introducing the Ratio Symbol

Way back in March and April (when we first entered lock-down), our maths lessons introduced ratio. If you are uncertain of some of the concepts in today's lessons, you might want to check out these video tutorials as well. This is what you are looking for on

Anyway my lovelys, if you are happy to move onto today's lesson, here's the video tutorial and the worksheets are attached at the bottom of this blog. HAVE FUN!