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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: English - Adventure Story, 22/6/20

Summer 2: English - Adventure Story, 22/6/20

Instructions for Lesson 6, Adventure Story, 22/6/20

Today's focus: Creative writing task

Take one of the characters from the story (Eliza, Dwayne, one of the hunter, a bird if you like!) and write a dairy entry from their perspective at the end of the day. Miss Stray guides you through today's lesson so click and get creative!



This will help you

Here is an example of a diary from Eliza’s perspective:

Dear Diary,

What a totally unbelievable day! Honestly, anyone reading this will find it hard to believe what’s happened but I’ll try my best to explain!

It all started this morning when Dwayne and I were mucking about behind the bungalow. I looked over at him and he was holding up this strange, glass bottle and I could see something lodged inside of it. Pulling it out, we realised it was a map and guess what?! There was treasure marked on it! It was like something out of a film; an ancient, yellow map with scorched edges and everything and an X marks the spot. Well I knew straight away we had to follow it and (of course) Dwayne grumbled about it, saying he just wanted to stay at the bungalow and read his book but boy is he glad he didn’t do that! You’ll never believe what happened when we made our way into the rainforest…


Let me know how you get on!