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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: English - Adventure Writing, 19/6/20

Summer 2: English - Adventure Writing, Lesson 5 on 19/6/20

Instructions for Lesson 5, 19/6/20

In today's writing lesson, Miss Stray guides you through how to answer retrieval, vocabulary and inference questions from the WAGOLL (model) text. Attached is a copy of the text 'Treasure Hunt' in case you haven't got it.

Being able to answer these types of questions shows a fundamental understanding of the text. You will be doing LOTS and LOTS of analysis of texts in Year 7 so go ahead, click on the video link AND then showcase your comprehension skills:




* Here are the retrieval, vocabulary and inference questions about the model text:

1) From the first paragraph, write down two things that Dwayne is looking at as he is walking.
2) What is stopping Dwayne and Eliza from getting sunburnt?
3) Using information from the second paragraph, write down three things that you would see in the rainforest
where the children are walking.
4) Read the third paragraph. What is the ‘streak of brown’ that shoots past the children?
5) Who is it that has been following the children? Write down two pieces of information about them using the
6) Where do the children hide?
7) Why do Eliza and Dwayne stop talking to each other when they are climbing the temple?

8) What does the word ‘dawdling’ tell us about the way Dwayne is walking? Why do you think he is walking in
this way?
9) What simile does the writer use to describe the path the children are walking along?
10) Find and copy the metaphor used to describe the object that flies past the children.

11) How are Eliza and Dwayne’s emotions different in the first paragraph? Use evidence from the text to
support your answer.
12) Read from the section starting, ‘I can’t wait to write about the gold I find!’ to the end of the second
paragraph. Why do you think Dwayne freezes to the spot?
13) Find this section in the third paragraph.
‘Eliza was beside him and he could hear her deep breaths just as loudly as he could hear the beating of his
What does this suggest about how the two children are feeling?
14) “No… it’s not going to be at the bottom Eliza. It’s going to be…” but he couldn’t bring himself to finish the
sentence. Instead, his shaking arm reached out and pointed to the top of the temple that loomed menacingly
over them.
Explain why you think Dwayne cannot finish this sentence.
15) Do you think that things will end well or badly for Eliza and Dwayne? Use evidence from the text to
support your answer.

Extension: The story ends on a cliff hanger. Write the next paragraph of the story to show what happens to
the Eliza and Dwayne once they find the treasure.

* Now, after you have answered the questions, click on the video mark-scheme to 'blue review' your work: