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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: Maths, Lesson 3, Week 8 on 17/6/20

Summer 2: Maths, Lesson 3, Week 8, 17/6/20 - Convert Metric Measures

Instructions for Lesson 3, 17/6/20 - Convert Metric Measures

Warm up: Times Tables Rock Stars

Main Lesson: Convert Metric Measures

Lesson 3 from week 8 of Whiterose Maths focuses on converting (changing) metric measures. For example, centimetres to metres; litres to millilitres; centilitres to litres and so on. 

Click on the video tutorial to find out more:



* Get the activity: Open the attachment called 'Lesson 3 - Convert metric measures 2019';

* Blue review using the answers given on the attachment called 'Lesson 3 - Answers - Convert metric measures 2019'.