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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

The 'Lockdown Monologues' by Banyan Class

Banyan pupils are proud to present their 'Lockdown Monologues'

Read - smile, laugh, cry, weep, think, reflect. ENJOY!

The Ice-Cream Parlour

Author: Alex

I face a dilemma. Currently, I am standing in an ice-cream parlour; not knowing which flavour to choose. There’re about twenty different flavours; all hoping I’ll choose them. Indecisiveness is one of my many talents. When I was younger, I could never decide which toy to play with, what game to play - I was useless at making decisions. And now I’m here, faced with the biggest decision of my life. Now, which flavour of ice-cream to pick?

As it stands, I’m leaning towards vanilla. Vanilla is the classic flavour, the original if you will, and is widely regarded by many as plain and bland. I strongly disagree. Then there’s chocolate. The people-pleaser. The favourite throughout the nation. However, a small percentage of people strongly dislike chocolate ice-cream, and among that percentage is me. So we can rule that out.

Next in line, is mint. Uggh! I have already brushed my teeth, so I don’t need an ice-cream to clean them again. Why would anyone want toothpaste in their mouth when they could be enjoying strawberry ice-cream, our next flavour? Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry. Why make it an ice-cream when strawberry sauce is much, MUCH better?

And don’t get me started on the new kids on the block; toffee, salted caramel, banana... the list goes on and on. Oh, and why ruin an already perfect formula (vanilla) and add ripples of raspberry? Vanilla can be exotic in its own unique way- it doesn’t need a terrible flavour to leech off its success. You may think I’m ranting, but believe me, I’ve had lots of time to mull this over.

And that is just the flavours, we still have cone or pot, scoop or Mr Whippy - I just can’t seem to make my mind up about anything!

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see it. Glinting away at me, like a star in the night sky; a beacon of hope in an otherwise unforgiving world. Birthday cake ice-cream. It’s like an explosion of colours, all perfectly combined to rival the food of heaven. What’s more, there’s just one scoop left. It was always meant to be!

In a trance, I slowly drift over to it. It looks even better the closer you get! Day after day, I have been searching for the perfect flavour; and here it is, in front of me, waiting to be eaten. I immediately tug on my mum’s sleeve. My pulling gets more desperate as I see a little girl enter the parlour. She looks from me to the birthday ice-cream...

Like an evil sorceress, she marches over to the birthday ice-cream, MY birthday ice-cream... ...and buys it. Anger and hatred flow through my veins. I am the Dark Lord of the ice-cream parlour and will stop at nothing to get it back. Tears well in my eyes as she takes the first bite. I have to stop her, but how? My Mum and I lock eyes. I know what I must do. Streams of water erupt from my eyes. Bubbles of snot cascade from my nose. Whimpering, I tell my mum that that girl took my ice-cream. She quietens me down and says that she’s sure that girl didn’t mean to upset me. Yeah, right.

I glare over at her. She smiles smugly as she drops the empty tub of ice-cream to the floor. I fume. She may have won this time, but next time, I will succeed. I stomp out of the ice-cream parlour, empty handed.

Lockdown Life

Author: Lava

Everything has changed and it isn’t good. People can't go to school, visit restaurants or go to crowded places such as parks or the cinema. There is a deadly virus; it is known as Covid-19 (Coronavirus in December 2019). It’s horrible. You can't meet your friends, family or anyone.

 For a long time, I had the same routine for the whole day. I would wake up and wash my face. Then, I would get dressed and eat breakfast. After that, I would brush my teeth and go to school. When I came home, I would do my homework, eat my dinner, rest for a bit then I would go to bed but now it is different. Instead, when I wake up, I eat breakfast then I do my work at home and after I’m done, I don’t get any homework. All I do is rest.

I miss going to school and seeing my friends and teachers. The only good side is that the weather is beautiful. People used to go out all the time but now, everybody is scared. Plus, there is nothing to do at home. I get bored really easily and a lot of people are on their electronics for a long time now.


My younger brother’s perspective

Author: Lava

I do not like coronavirus because people die, and we’re stuck in lock-down. I miss school and going outside, people used to play at the playground or go to the toy shops but now they can’t. You can only go for walks or play sports; you can’t even meet family members or friends. I like school, I want to go to school but now I can’t because of Coronavirus. Coronavirus is ruining our lives but I do like the weather because it is usually sunny. The only things that I do is do my schoolwork then play with my toys. Before coronavirus, I used to go to school and play with my friends but now I can’t do any of that stuff but I do like playing with my sister, Lava. Hopefully, we can go to school and other places. Hopefully, this deadly virus will end.

My school bag’s perspective

Author: Lava

A virus? What type of virus is it? No using your school bag virus. I hate this new virus. Nobody is using me anymore. It is like I am not even here. I wish Lava could still use me or at least open me. She doesn’t even put anything inside me. I’ve been stuck at home for at least 3 months. Not even outside or at school! This virus needs to change! I miss Lava always carrying me on her back or opening me. She used to put everything inside me; her snack, homework, pens, random pieces of paper and books. Lava might even get a new schoolbag for next year, so I guess she won’t be using me anymore- thanks to the virus. If it hadn’t have happened, Lava would have used me a lot. Hopefully the virus will go away. 

Monologue: Rabbit

Author: Kai



From the perspective of a bird

Author: Yad


Author: Yusaf

Although many people dislike lock-down I really enjoy it. I’m the type of person who likes to be alone and doesn’t mind that for a long time. As long as I am relaxed, healthy and happy I will be fine. This does not mean I don’t miss my friends, of course I do but in my opinion its an exiting experience. And if your sad there's many things to do like play in your garden, play games, just relax or just have a fun time (while also doing the work school provides you). All these things to do can be done with family members since non of you should be going out unless its urgent there for you will never be lonely. 



Author: Arash

A few things have changed since lock down started, an example of this is that my brother Arash stays at home more often and only goes out when he wants to take a walk. I like this a lot because playing with my brother is my most favourite thing to do, and in return, I entertain the whole house so they wouldn't be grumpy all the time. If I wasn't doing that this whole house will burn to the ground!

But although I always try my best to entertain Arash, he sometimes still looks grumpy and miserable, probably because he couldn't see his friends or learn at school. That's why I have taken the incentive to entertain him more by talking as best as I can to him, laugh more, and other things. This seems to be working making Arash happier and less grumpy. But still, Arash doesn't look like usual in lock down, I hope lock down will end soon so that Arash could be cheerful again. 


Author: Safiyah