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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: Writing - Lesson 8 Monologues 12/6/20

Summer 2: English - Writing Monologues Lesson 8 on 12/6/20

Instructions for Lesson 8, 12/6/20

Well done everyone! The monologues submitted so far have been FANTASTIC! 

I have shared several first draft versions with Miss Stray, who has been very impressed with your wonderfully imaginative monologues. Here are just a selection and watch out for the final versions that I am hoping to post in a separate 'Writing Blog' very soon:

* Alex's monologue at the 'Ice-cream Parlour';

* Lava's monologue from the perspective of her school bag!;

* Yad's monologue from the perspective of a bird;

* Kai's monologue from the perspective of a rabbit!

Your task today: Reading Aloud

It's time to practise reading your monologue out loud.

Miss Stray wants you to think about:

 Your pace – are you reading too quickly? Too slowly? Ignoring punctuation?

 Your expression – do you show the emotions of the character through your voice? Do you emphasise certain words? Do you change your pitch at all?

Practice varying your pace and expression and think about what you think sounds better.


REMEMBER, e-mail in your written monologues. I would love to hear / see them being read too!