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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: Adventure Writing, Lesson 1 on 15/6/20

Summer 2: English Writing - Adventure Stories, Lesson 1, Familiarisation of Story, 15/6/20

Instructions for Lesson 1, 15/6/20

Miss Stray introduces a new writing unit on adventure story or narrative. Click on the video to find out more:




Your Task: Familiarisation

* Make a list detailing what YOU already know about writing a short story;

* Study the Amazon picture (below and attached called 'Amazon picture') and pick out things you can 

        see:  for example: forests, large buildings etc.

        hearfor example: bird song, snakes hissing etc.

        smell:  for example: smoke etc.

Here is the picture to study:

Reading Fluency: Here is the WAGOLL text  so you can practise your reading fluency

Treasure Hunt
“Come on Dwayne! Stop dawdling will you?” Eliza shouted behind her as she marched along the bank of the Amazon River. The ferocious water, which rushed past them, was a torrent of blues and frothy white hurtling through the jungle. Dwayne’s eyes darted from the angry looking water to the enormous tree leaves, which loomed over the path and protected the two friends from the blistering heat of the late afternoon sun. “I’m still not sure this is a good idea. We should have left the stupid map in the bottle where we found it,” he complained, whilst wiping away sweat from his forehead. “This ‘stupid map’ just might lead us to treasure! You won’t think it’s so stupid then!” replied Eliza with a smile. Grabbing Dwayne’s arm and ignoring his sighing, she pulled him further away from their holiday bungalow and further away from safety. Above them, the sinking sun descended behind the mountains and bright, yellow birds soared through the trees; their beady eyes seemed to watch the two children with curiosity.

Staring down at the map, Eliza came to a sudden stop. “I think we’re nearly there,” she mumbled to herself, “there’s some weird shaped building… this way!” Dwayne had given up arguing and instead started to take in the many sights around him: huge, shiny beetles scuttled for cover under rocks; the largest plant leaves imaginable danced in the breeze and the yellow birds continued to swoop and soar through the darkening sky. The path got narrower and narrower in front of them – it was like a twisting snake being suffocated by the dense undergrowth. “I can’t wait to write about all the new animals I’ve seen in my diary,” Dwayne called to his friend. “I can’t wait to write about all the gold I find!” Eliza replied with a laugh. All of a sudden, a flash of brown flew meters away from the children, followed quickly by another and then another. Suddenly, the sounds of the jungle were replaced by the heavy stomp of footsteps getting closer and closer. Dwayne froze to the spot, his eyes giant spheres in his pale face.

As he stood there frozen, his trembling knees threatening to give way beneath him, another streak of brown shot past him and came to a sudden halt in a tree a metre from the children. It was a bolt of lightning looking for a victim and as they stared at it, they realised what it was. “An arrow…” Eliza whispered, “Hunters!” Without needing to be told, Dwayne started running wildly as fast as his legs could carry him. Eliza was beside him and he could hear her deep breaths just as loudly as he could hear the beating of his heart. One, two, three streaks of metal and wood sailed past them, each one closer than the last. Abruptly, the two children stopped as they found themselves face to face with a vast, stone wall. “This way!” Eliza
commanded, pulling Dwayne into a tight gap in the stone. As they stood squashed by the cool stone, they could hear the footsteps of the angry hunters as they ran past. The children could just about make out their red, cloth shawls, which were tied around their necks, and yellow feathers that decorated their heads.

After several minutes, the sound of the hunters’ screams and running footsteps disappeared. “That was close,” Eliza said, “and I don’t really want to meet them on their way back! Come on let’s get going.” As she spoke, it was clear Dwayne was not listening. His full attention was on the stone wall they had been hiding in. “Pass me the map!” he hissed, holding out his hand. Excited, he jabbed his finger at a point on the map. “It’s the temple!” He declared. “Eliza! Look – it’s the temple on the map right where it says the treasure is!” “Yes! I can’t believe it! But… there’s nothing here is there?” Eliza questioned starting to clear away the plants that were growing along the side of the wall. Looking at Dwayne, she followed where his face was pointing upwards. “No… it’s not going to be at the bottom Eliza. It’s going to be…” but he couldn’t bring himself to finish the sentence. Instead, his shaking arm reached out and pointed to the top of the temple that loomed menacingly over them.

Two hours later and the children were still climbing the steep steps of the temple; their muscles ached and they had stopped talking long ago putting all their focus into pulling their bodies up onto the next level of stone. The sun had vanished and the moon was a lonely eye watching the scene below. All of a sudden, Dwayne cried out, “We’re at the top! Eliza! I can’t believe it!” His stood up on his shaking legs and rubbed a layer of dirt off his blistered hands as Eliza pushed herself up and stood beside him. Silvery moonlight showered down on them like a spotlight as they stepped tentatively towards a canvas bag in the middle of the slab. Yanking it open, the dazzling sight of gold coins filled the children’s eyes. They sparkled like a thousand diamonds. “Gold!” Eliza whispered but she was so awestruck that it was all she could say. “That’s amazing,” Dwayne replied, “however, we do have a bit of a problem. I probably should have mentioned… but I’m afraid of heights so I’m not actually sure how we’re going to get down from here!” Eliza let out a laugh and enveloped Dwayne in a tight hug. “Don’t you worry Dwayne… we’ll find a way!” she sang. Her happy voice echoed across the jungle and just about managed to fill Dwayne with a happy sense of confidence. Just about.