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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: English Writing - Monologues Lesson 3 on Friday 5/6/20

Summer 2: English Writing Unit - Monologues: Lesson 3, Comprehension, Friday 5/6/20

Instructions for Lesson 3, Monologues on Friday 5/6/20

Everything you will need is in the attachment and in Miss Stray's introduction video for lesson 3:





Your task: Comprehension

1) Write down two ways the cat normally wakes the human up.
2) What does the cat do in bed, once the human has left the house?
3) What does the cat often dream about?
4) How has the cat’s napping routine been interrupted?
5) How does the cat oblige the human when they are taking photos?
6) What does the cat dislike even more than having their photo taken?
7) Find and copy the phrase from the first paragraph, that shows the cat’s
routine has been totally changed.
8) Read paragraph two. What do you think the phrase, ‘It’s all gone to pot
recently!’ means?
9) Find and copy two different verbs used to describe how the cat moves across
the human’s pillow.
10) From reading the cat’s monologue, what changes have happened in the
human’s life over the last few months? Can you think of three things that are
11) Why do you think the cat has taken to curling up in the human’s lap now?
12) If the cat could change one thing about its current situation, what do you
think it would be? Use the text to support your answer.
Extension: Write the monologue from the human’s perspective, including some of
the same details that the cat describes, but from a different point of view.