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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer 2: English - Reading Lesson 4 on 4/6/20

Summer 2: English Reading Unit - Lesson 4, 4/6/20 Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman

Instructions for Reading Lesson 4 on 4/6/20

* Click on the video link below where Mr Hall guides you through lesson 4 and chapter 4 of 'Pig Heart Boy' by Malorie Blackman:



Today's focus: Comprehension - Inference

Mr Hall focuses on two elements to today's lesson:

* The first half of the chapter looks at 'show not tell' in relation to the way Cameron’s upset is clearly portrayed.

* The second half of the chapter looks at use of inference in writing and moves on from 'show not tell' to looking at how Cameron’s actions teach us a lot about him as a character. The focus ends with answering some inference questions from the discussion with Dr Bryce.

* Watch the video clip again.

Let me know how you get on - send in your comments/photos to Banyan's email address.