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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Final Maths Blog: 22/5/20 Friday Challenge

Maths Friday Challenge - Lesson 5 on 22/5/20

Instructions for Lesson 5 on 22/5/20

Warm-up: Arithmetic Test 4

* Open the attachment called 'Year 4 Core Arithmetic Test 4';

You'll find the answers at the end of test 4 so you can mark your work.

Main Lesson: Friday Maths Challenge!


* Open up the attachment called 'Family-Challenge-Friday-22nd';

* Guaranteed to give you a head ache, lots of head scratching and saying 'Hmmmm, what do I do here then?';

* If you've had enough, you'll find the answers in the attachment called 'Family-Challenge-Friday-22nd-Answers' below;

* Let me know how you get on!