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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Summer Term - English Unit - Explanations 21/5/20

Summer Term: Explanations - The Heart and the Circulatory System - Lesson 4 on 21/5/20

Instructions for Lesson 4 on 21/5/20

Reading: Focus on fluency of the WAGOLL text. Can you:

* Read at speed but with a clear voice?

* Read every word (including red key vocabulary) with confidence and accuracy?

* Tell someone in your house about three things you've learnt in the WAGOLL text?

Writing: Semi-colons and Dashes Part 2

You should be a bit of an expert now. How would you answer these two questions?

1. When might you use a semi-colon?

2. When might you use a dash?

Here's a reminder from yesterday's work in case you struggled to answer the two questions:

Today's task builds on work from 20/5/20:

* Open the attachment called 'Semi colons and dashes part 2';

* Write out each multi-clause sentence and add in either a semi colon or a dash between clauses.


Further challenge:

• Underline the main clauses in blue pencil crayon/pen; 

• Underline the subordinate (or relative) clause in red pencil crayon/pen; 

• Circle the ; or – in green; 

• Write a key to show what the different colours represent;


* Answers - to mark your work, open the attachment called 'Answers semi colons and dashes part 2'.


Let me know how you got on!