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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Final English Blog: Explanations - 22/5/20

Summer Term: Explanations Unit - The Heart and Circulatory System, Lesson 5 on 22/5/20

Instructions for 22/5/20

Reading: Final fluency practise

* Click on the link (or find the video at Dunkirk Year 5/6 Highfields YouTube channel).

* Read with me and shout out the missing vocabulary when I come to a space in the text.



Writing: Key Features Search: Explanation

* You will need a copy of the WAGOLL text (online or printed, whatever is best);

* Open the attachment called 'Explanation key features search' - this will show you the key features I want you to look out for in the WAGOLL text;

* Find evidence of each key feature in the WAGOLL text and make a note on the grid.

Final note: 

It is unlikely that we will continue this unit after half term (because some of year 6 will be returning to school) so we won't be planning, drafting and writing our own explanation of how the heart works. Boo hoo!

BUT, if you fancy a challenge: 

* Have a go at writing your version of 'How the human heart works' with diagrams;

* Send it to Banyan's email.

I'll leave it up to you!

Miss B