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Dunkirk Primary School

Dunkirk Primary School

Maths: Dividing Decimals - 20/5/20

Summer Unit: Maths - Decimals, Lesson 3 on 20/5/20 Divide Decimals by Integers

Instructions for Lesson 3 on 20/5/20

Warm up: Decimal Quick Fire Shouting!

* You will need to:


* Why don't you time yourself?

* Why don't you challenge someone else in your house to see how quickly they can multiply and divide?

Main lesson: Divide Decimals by Integers

* Watch the video tutorial, either below or at



* Open the attachment called 'Lesson-3-Divide-decimals-by-integers-2019';

* You know what to do - watch the video tutorial again if you need guidance or drop me an email;

* Answers - open the other attachment below to mark your work. It's called 'Lesson-3-Answers-Divide-decimals-by-integers-2019'.